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New poll shows almost universal support for including long-term care under Canada Health Act

5 / 28 / 2020

After three months of daily news about the COVID-19, we are seeing the major impact the pandemic is having, not only on people's lives and work, but also on how they see the country moving forward. Canadians clearly want to see changes made to the way our long-term care system works.A national poll, commissioned by the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) – of which the New Brunswick Union is a member – and conducted by Abacus Data...

Economist sees child care support as critical for economic recovery

5 / 27 / 2020

“The issue of childcare is this generation’s medicare story, and we’ve got to get it done.”This was one of the statements from economist Armine Yalnizyan during a recent interview on CBC’s The Current radio show. The expert was discussing economic recovery during the pandemic and warned that without more support for childcare, women could be disproportionately left out of the recovery.She talked about a she-covery, one which has a focus on getting women back to work and increasing child-care support...

Premier’s comments not helpful

5 / 26 / 2020

Disappointed.This is the word Premier Blaine Higgs used in a press conference to describe how he felt about New Brunswickers who hadn’t applied for jobs in agriculture and fish processing plants.The statement is part of a pattern in which the Premier has made several negative comments regarding the working people of our province. He has repeatedly insinuated that New Brunswickers would rather take the CERB payment from the federal government rather than return to work.He’s presented no facts to back...

NUPGE calls on feds to bring residential care facilities under CHA

5 / 21 / 2020

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) – of which the New Brunswick Union is a member – sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada demanding that residential care facilities across the country be covered under the Canada Health Act (CHA).The call comes as more and more reports show that residential care facilities are among the hardest hit locations for COVID-19. This is doubly sad as it is those Canadians who made a lifelong contribution to...

We need to ban private blood brokers

5 / 13 / 2020

The following is an opinion editorial written by Kat Lanteigne, executive director of, and Curtis Brandell, president of the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. It originally appeared in the National Post newspaper.In a recent op-ed in the National Post, Kate Vander Meer and Peter Jaworski argued that experimental COVID-19 therapies derived from convalescent plasma will put further strain on our domestic blood plasma supply, so provincial governments should repeal laws that prevent private companies from collecting it...

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