Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New Brunswick Union calls on province to suspend doctor’s notes

The New Brunswick Union is calling on the provincial government to suspend the need for a doctor’s note this flu season amidst concerns regarding COVID-19.
Under provincial labour laws, an employer may require an employee to provide a note if they miss work for four or more days consecutively.
“We know we need to take every precaution necessary to limit the potential spread of COVID-19,” said NBU president Susie Proulx-Daigle. “What we don’t want people doing is going to work when they are ill and potentially spreading a virus to their coworkers or at the doctor’s office and emergency rooms because they need to get a note.”
In situations like the one the world is facing with COVID-19, medical professionals do not need their time taken up writing sick notes. Their expertise is needed in trying to limit the impact COVID-19 may have on the province.
“We need to take all preventative measures possible to deal with this situation,” said Proulx-Daigle. “We encourage anyone who has returned from International travel within the last 14 days to monitor their health. If you begin to experience flu like symptoms, contact Tele-Care at 8-1-1 to access primary care consultations.”