Monday, June 1, 2020

Mobility agreement extended through June 30

The New Brunswick Union and the government of New Brunswick have agreed to extend the mobility agreement to June 30 for members in Parts I, II and IV.
The agreement allows some members to be shifted to other jobs in order to provide much needed help and support during this pandemic.
We did this for a few reasons. In times of crisis, we need everyone to step up and do their part. Unions preach solidarity, it’s one of our founding principles, and now is the time to practice what we preach.
The second reason is by negotiating the terms with government, we avoided the issues facing unions in other provinces, specifically Quebec. Their government simply suspended union contracts allowing them to do whatever they want with employees.
For us, negotiating the agreement meant we could make sure the needs of our members were protected. It means childcare and other factors will be considered before people are asked to take on another position.
The mobility agreement is integral in keeping our members jobs protected and making sure they receive a steady income throughout this crisis.