Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pandemic Economics: She-Cession, She-covery and Future Growth

Earlier this month, economist and Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Work Armine Yalnizyan spoke on a webinar hosted by the Canadian Association for Business Economics.
The title of the presentation was Pandemic Economics: Thoughts on She-cession, She-covery and Future Growth.
Below are the points from the overview of the presentation. We encourage our members to read the presentation and consider how making these changes could benefit not only our province, but the country:
• It’s historic: a global she-cession. Globally, recovery needs more than “shovel-ready” infrastructure.
• It’s mathematically impossible to attain pre-Covid levels of GDP and jobs without re-hiring women.
• The path to re-hiring women is bottlenecked. Lack of childcare is the limiting factor for she-covery.
• Accessible, affordable childcare pays for itself.
• High quality early learning maximizes future potential and growth, for individual kids and us all.
• Many paths forward. Most fail to deliver recovery.