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Where do the political parties stand on the issues?

9 / 24 / 2018

With the provincial election fast approaching, the New Brunswick Union – which represents about 9,000 workers in the province – has several issues it would like all parties take a position on prior to the vote on Sept. 24.Below is a list of the issues and the NBUs stance. After that is the position taken in the platform of each party. PrivatizationOver the years, various governments talk about the need to reduce the number of people working in the public service...

Blame game continues in provincial politics

9 / 13 / 2018

When in doubt blame members of the public service.For far too long, whenever Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments want to make cuts or avoid responsibility for past poor decisions, they blame the hard-working men and women of our province.The recent release of the Progressive Conservative party of NB platform provided the latest example of this way of thinking.In the ‘Growing Our Economy’ portion of the platform under the heading managing growth in government:• Savings will be realized through attrition and...

CCNB Instructors officially sign new contract

9 / 10 / 2018

Instructors in the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick system, represented by the New Brunswick Union, officially signed a new contract on Friday, Sept. 7 during a ceremony in Bathurst.The newly signed collective agreement is for five years and three months covering the time period of May 1, 2015 through July 31, 2020. The terms and conditions of the contract came into effect upon signing.Membership had voted in favour of the deal on May 22, 2018.“Negotiations are successful when both sides come...

River of Pride Extends invite to the NBU

8 / 2 / 2018

Members of the New Brunswick Union (NBU) have been invited to attend and or take part in the upcoming Greater Moncton Pride Parade. The invitation was made by River of Pride, a non-profit organization for and by LGBTQ+ people based in Moncton. Its mission is to guarantee the presence of the LGBTQ+ community in the South-East region of the province. The parade is set for Aug. 25 beginning at 1:30 p.m. and will travel from Foundry to Main to Downing to Assumption...

Preparing for the 2018 Provincial election

8 / 1 / 2018

With the September election approaching, the New Brunswick Union (NBU) approached University of New Brunswick at Saint John political science professor J.P. Lewis for his take on a few issues. Below is the second Q and A with Lewis, the first can be found here. NBU: Besides the usual topics of the economy and jobs, do you see any other issues pushing their way to the forefront similar to the debate surrounding shale gas in 2014? Lewis: As of July 2018, it does...

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