About the New Brunswick Union


The New Brunswick Union has a long and distinguished history. The establishment of collective bargaining for civil servants of the Province of New Brunswick occurred in 1970. This created the need for an organization with the authority to negotiate and regulate the terms and conditions of employment between provincial government employees and the provincial government.

We have since increased our membership and have become the largest union within New Brunswick’s Civil Service.

As an independent trade union, we are responsible for negotiating the terms and conditions of employment through collective bargaining for our members.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a trade union that ensures democratic and equitable representation, to have fairness and respect in our workplaces, our governments, and our communities and to accommodate the diversity of our members and to allow for accountable leadership and effective communication.

Statement of Equality

Solidarity within the New Brunswick Union is based on the principle that members are equal and deserve mutual respect at all levels. Any behavior that creates conflict prevents us from working together to strengthen our Union. As trade unionists, mutual respect, co-operation and understanding are our goals. We should neither condone nor tolerate behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Harassment, whether racial, sexual or other, means using real or perceived power to abuse or humiliate. Harassment is prejudicial, knows no gender and should not be treated as a joke. The uneasiness and discomfort it creates are not feelings that help us grow as a strong labour organization. Harassment focuses on the things that make us different instead of the things that bring us together like shared concerns about our families, decent wages, safe working conditions, fairness at work, and justice in society.

We, believe that the policies and practices of the New Brunswick Union should reflect our commitment to equality. We believe in the rights of all people to be treated equally and with mutual respect in our workplaces, in society and in our labour organizations. We urge members and staff to participate fully in Union activities mindful that all sisters and brothers deserve dignity, equality and respect.

Code of Solidarity

The New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees adopts the Code of Solidarity, which stands as the operating principles of the Union:

Decisions by members, committees or Boards shall use the democratic process, be based on the best knowledge available, be ethical and true to Union philosophy, and be made in the interests of the membership.

All members shall participate actively at attended meetings, show respect and consideration for the opinions of all other members and make decisions based on discussing and weighing information put forward.

In decision-making, all members will put the interests of the membership, as a whole, ahead of any personal or group specific interests.

Once a decision has been reached, individual members have an obligation to support that decision in the spirit of solidarity.