President’s Biography

Susie Proulx-Daigle
Department of Social Development
Clerical & Regulatory Component
Richibucto, N.B.

Susie has been the President of the New Brunswick Union since 2008 and has been a member of the Union since 1990 when she obtained a permanent position with the Department of Social Development.

Her first involvement with the Union occurred through her regular attendance at the Administrative Assistants Component Annual Meetings. This participation afforded Susie the opportunity to represent the component membership as an accredited delegate to Annual General Meetings and Conventions. During the early nineties, she was elected Vice-President of her Component, moving on to Component President, Component President/Director and Director. Susie then held an executive position of the Union, 2nd Vice-President, for a two-year term before being elected to the position of President.

In addition to her Component Executive positions and the Union’s Executive positions, Susie has also served as a member of her component's negotiating team for two administrative contracts. Prior to this, she had served as a member of the negotiating committee.

As President of the New Brunswick Union, Susie’s service includes presiding for all general Union meetings and sitting in on all Union committees as an ex-officio. She also is charged with the responsibility of representing the interest of New Brunswick Union members by participating on government / employer committees on a provincial basis such as the Standing Committee on Insured Benefits and various pension committees. Susie is also a trustee for two of our members' pension plan, namely the PSSRP and the CBESRP plans. As President of the New Brunswick Union, Susie also holds the position of Vice-President at the National Union's Executive Board table (NUPGE).

Susie continues to believe in the importance of Union education and the equal importance of developing and enhancing her leadership skills and capabilities. She has completed Level III of the NBU Education Program and has also completed several leadership courses including the National Union Leadership Development Program. Susie currently provides facilitation for the New Brunswick Unions Training Program and is also a recognized facilitator for the Canadian Labour Congress.

Susie believes that the ultimate strength of the Union is in its members. She believes in being proactive rather than reactive. She believes in defending people’s rights and ensuring that people are treated fairly. She believes in the New Brunswick Union and is very proud to be part of it. She values honesty and integrity and recognizes that the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do.