Monday, June 1, 2015

Commercial highlights links between unions, middle class

The importance of the Canadian middle class cannot be overstated. It's what drives the economy and our country is at its best when its strongest.
One of the biggest factors in creating the middle class was the hard work, sacrifices and gains made through the labour movement - including unionization.
Beginning with the 1940s and moving through several decades, the Canadian economy and levels of unionization were directly linked. The more unionized workers, the stronger the middle class and the better the economy.
Since 2000, this upward trend has changed. Union jobs have been decreasing, the gap between the rich and poor increasing and the middle class disappearing.
The New Brunswick Union believes a strong middle class is key to helping our province out of its fiscal problems and back to financial stability. The NBU wants to work with the provincial government and employers in the private sector to find solutions and strengthen New Brunswick.
Our latest commercial reflects our belief that one way to do it is by bolstering the ranks of the middle class and unions.