Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Respectful negotiations top priority

The people of New Brunswick have spoken with Monday’s election results.
Premier Blaine Higgs and the Progressive Conservative Party won a majority government. The New Brunswick Union offers its congratulations to the Premier and his team.
Now it’s time to move forward with the work of government. For the NBU, this means we will be heading to the negotiating table soon as many of our contracts have expired or will be in the near future.
As always, we’re prepared to enter into fair and respectful negotiations with government and we expect the same across the table.
In the past, we’ve seen the court system and legislation used by government to try and undermine the right to the collective bargaining process. Our sincere hope is this won’t happen again, but if it does we are prepared to fight for the rights of our members.
We also hope the government acknowledges the tremendous work done by members of the public service during the COVID-19 pandemic. When government asked for our members to take on new positions to help during the pandemic, our members stepped up.
They went above and beyond to help their fellow New Brunswickers and keep government operating, as did many New Brunswick workers.
We hope those sacrifices will not be forgotten, but rest assured we will remind our elected officials.
While elections can be divisive, it’s over and we need to make sure all New Brunswickers are taken care of and included by this government.
Whether its funding and accessibility to healthcare, pay equity, increasing the minimum wage, respecting the rights of individuals and many other issues, the NBU will be there pushing our government to do what is right.