Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A look back at 2020

Things rarely go as planned.
And 2020 was no exception. A global pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing and many more challenges were all part of the past 12 months.
For the New Brunswick Union, this year marked its 50th anniversary and there were plans to celebrate. Obviously, that did not happen.
However, in an unexpected twist, 2020 has been a celebration of workers across the world. While the wealthy went about figuring out ways to enrich themselves during a global crisis, the everyday workers of the world went about saving it.
Scientists did an amazing job designing a vaccine in less than a year to give everyone hope that there’s an end coming to this situation.
Healthcare workers stood on the front lines helping those stricken with the virus. Nursing home workers protected our seniors, perhaps the most vulnerable population when it came to COVID-19, and served as their primary social outlet as families could not visit for long periods of time.
Workers in the public service stepped up and took on roles and responsibilities outside of their usual jobs to protect our borders, get much needed aid to individuals and help fight the virus from spreading.
Others continued to do their jobs from home while juggling family, increased stress and anxiety.
Teachers from elementary through community colleges and universities, changed the way education was delivered seemingly overnight in order to keep our children and young people learning, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.
Frontline workers in the private sector including grocery store workers to childcare providers and everyone in-between continued to do their jobs throughout the fight. Providing essential services to their communities.
I cannot possibly list all of the sacrifices and amazing work done by individuals throughout the pandemic. The list in our province alone is overwhelming.
In times of uncertainty and suffering, workers stepped up to try and help, in ways both big and small, to ease the burden on their neighbours.
The fight isn’t over, but we can see an end goal.
So when I think back on 2020, I will focus on what was inspiring, what was uplifting and was a beacon of light in dark times.
Everyday working people are the heroes of this pandemic, the reason for optimism as we head into 2021.
Susie Proulx-Daigle, President of the New Brunswick Union