Monday, November 1, 2021

NBU supports striking CUPE workers

Every day, members of the New Brunswick Union work side-by-side with their colleagues from CUPE. We know firsthand the hard work, professionalism and caring they bring to their jobs.
That’s why we support the current strike to see their members be paid fair and equitable wages.
During the pandemic, our members worked alongside their CUPE coworkers to help keep our province operating in the face of a worldwide pandemic. They put their health and safety at risk for the benefit of all New Brunswickers.
They deserve for this government to show them respect and get back to the bargaining table.
We know the value they bring to the province. We know how much they care about those they help. We know they didn’t come to the decision to strike easily but were left with no other options.
We support the CUPE workers because not only are they our colleagues, but they are also our friends and neighbours. We support them because they deserve better.
We’re calling on government to get back to the negotiating table with an offer that demonstrates it understands the value and commitment these people have shown throughout their careers.
We stand with the CUPE workers fighting for a better future for not only their families, but the people of New Brunswick.
Susie Proulx-Daigle
President of the New Brunswick Union