Friday, November 19, 2021

Provincial health plan light on details

Details matter and the recently released provincial health plan did not provide enough.
The New Brunswick Union (NBU) has numerous concerns regarding what was released ranging from the effect it will have on paramedics, provincial labs, recruitment and retention efforts, among others.
Our heath care workers have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. We were hoping to see more concrete actions aimed at getting more people working in the system to try and alleviate the outsized burden on our health care providers.
Instead, it seems the health plan is asking for the workers to continue to do more with less which is has lead our provincial health care system to its current state.
Our members work in the system each day and have valuable insight on what is working, what needs improvement and how to achieve the best results for the people of New Brunswick.
We have asked for a meeting with the Health Minister to discuss our concerns and learn the details of the plan that were not included in the recent release.