Friday, October 14, 2022

New commercials focus on health care issue

Earlier this year, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs took part in a press conference with other Conservative premiers from the Maritimes and Ontario to talk about privatization as a solution to the health care crisis.
The premise is wrong and will only serve to further damage our health care system. A new series of ads from the New Brunswick Union (NBU) is about countering the Premier’s idea. The problem facing the health care system is staffing.
Years of cuts and under funding have resulted in not enough health care workers in the system. The ever-increasing work loads and stress have resulted in many leaving the various professions. The Premier’s push for privatization would only increase the problem as the province would not only be competing with other provinces for health care workers but an increased push from the private sector.
Privatization doesn’t address the problem, it makes it worse. In addition, privatization in health care costs more and favours those in the wealthiest tax brackets who are able to pay for care.
A perfect example is Ontario. It's currently hiring nurses and other professionals from private agencies to fill its staffing gaps at a cost of more than two times the hourly rate that staff earn.
It costs much more, doesn’t address the long-term need and only enriches a private firm at the cost of taxpayers. Privatization is not a solution but rather a way to enrich a few at the expense of the many.
The NBU is about putting health before wealth. We want to see the system strengthened by adding more workers, filling vacant positions and delivering the quality health care New Brunswickers need.
The current employees of the provincial health care system deserve our thanks and appreciation for all they have done throughout the pandemic.
They deserve respect from our government for keeping the system going in trying times.
This government needs to put the health of all New Brunswickers ahead of the wealth of a select few companies, corporations and donors.