Tuesday, November 1, 2022

NBU concerned about potential legislative changes

The New Brunswick Union was surprised by the announcement in the Throne Speech regarding the government’s desire to clarify language around strike votes, strikes, lockouts and designated workers to ensure sufficient notice periods and continuity of critical services in schools.
The NBU was surprised as government had not consulted unions, as far as we know, on any potential changes. The NBU is also concerned with this announcement as government actions under Premier Higgs have not been favourable to workers.
The professionals represented by the NBU working in the schools have historically had a good bargaining relationship with government. However, any changes to the law that tilt the balance in the employer’s favour would negatively affect this relationship going forward. Enacting any legislative changes without consulting all stakeholders continues to be a calling card of this government. We hope they have learned from past errors in this regard and will sit down for meaningful discussions before any changes are made.
The NBU represents the group Professional Services for Students in the Public School System which includes School Psychologists, Behavior Intervention Mentors, School Psychometrists, School Social Workers, Transition to School Coordinators, and Speech Language Pathologists.