Thursday, November 24, 2022

Statement on changes to Public Services Labour Relations Act

The New Brunswick Union has serious concerns about the changes proposed to the Public Services Labour Relations Act.
This Bill, which had no stakeholder consultation, is a threat to labour peace in our province.
The use of scab labour disincentivizes the employer from resolving differences at the bargaining table and increases the level of acrimony inherent in work stoppages.
In the case of groups with designated employees in the event of a strike, the use of scab labour or forcing those on strike to cover for those who are deemed essential seriously interferes with the worker’s right to strike.
We had asked on two separate occasions to discuss the changes government is proposing. In one instance, the date for a meeting with all unions was continually pushed back.
Another request to meet directly with our union about the changes, was scheduled for weeks and then abruptly cancelled less than 24 hours before it was to occur.
There are other issues with the Bill, but on the whole, it is designed to tilt the playing field in the employer’s favour.
The Premier has stated many times he wants to do politics differently. Different appears to mean not respecting workers’ rights and trying to break our health care system all while hoarding money sent from Ottawa to help the people of this province.